19 Jan, 2019

kassiosdias2019 trailrun
19.9220oE 39.7890oN
19 Jan, 2019

The Race

Kassios Dias 2019 Race Announcement

The cultural committee of Kassiopi in cooperation with other local and Corfu town committees are organising a Mountain Trail race in Kassiopi which will be held on the 5th May. Also a 1,200m race for children and a 8kms race for charity purposes will also take place on the same day.


The half Marathon (Trail) will be held in the Kassiopi area under the official name of KASSIOS DIAS. It is a relatively difficult trail which is directed to the more experienced athlete who has had experience on this kind of terain. The main features of the course is that, it runs alongside the coastal area of the region through the pure and unspoilt natural environment or our own ecosystem, Erimitis, which is abundant in flora and fauna, rare and distinct in this area only, there are three lakes (home to the otter Lutra Lutra) and remote paths which will make the event an unforgettable experience.
The Event will commence and finish in the primary school of Kassiopi, the course will take the runners through traditional villages of the area, footpaths used years ago by locals to escape from pirate raids, and of course will go through the historical Fortress, a significant monument dated back to 12th century.
Contact Email: info@kassiosdias.gr