16 Mar, 2018

kassiosdias2018 trailrun
19.9220oE 39.7890oN
16 Mar, 2018


Fill in the form below and take part in Kassios Dias’ Trail Running Race.

8th Kassios Dias Trail Running Race – 6th of May 2018

Participation cost is 23km – 20€, 8km -10€ and the kids race is free.
The net proceeds from the 8Km race will be donated to charity (The Smile of the Child).
Participation cost must be paid before receiving your number in the following bank account

IBAN: GR5301711730006173139316766

You will also receive information about payment in your email straight after registering.

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I solemnly declare that I have undergone a recent medical examination and I am completely fit to participate in this sports activity. I accept full responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur on the way to and from the location of the KASSIOS DIAS 2018 (KASSIOPI MAY 6 2018) race or during the race, as well as for anything that may arise during my participation in the race, like falls (that may be caused due to contact with other participants), bad weather conditions, traffic as well as bad condition of the road surface. I waive any claims against the organisers, sponsors and anyone involved directly or indirectly with the race and I accept that the above persons carry no legal liability for anything that may arise during my participation. I also give permission to the organisers to use photographs or videos from the race or any other type of recording I appear in, without making any financial claims.