Kassios “Erimitis” 19km

The participation fee is 15€

Our runners will have the chance to pass through the ecosystem of Erimiris                   (Natura territory)which is of great beauty and significant environmental meaning.

A unique 19 km off-road trail next to the north eastern coast of Corfu, which has some characteristics of a mountain trail because of the terrain.

9:30 am Start
Kassiopi Harbour Start Location
19km Distance
960m Altitude
80% Μονοπάτι
12% Χωματόδρομος
8% Άσφαλτος

The Route

The 19km race is directed towards runners who want to try their ability and strength in a shorter trail race.  The main features of both races  are that they take place on a variety of terrain which involve mountain peaks, traditional hamlets, forest footpaths, alongside the coastal area of the pure and unspoilt natural environment, our own ecosystem, Erimitis, which is abundant in flora and fauna, rare and distinct in this area only, there are three lakes (home to the otter Lutra Lutra) and remote paths which will make the event an unforgettable experience.
The Event will commence and finish in Kassiopi harbour


Men and women 18 years of age and over are eligible to participate.


The race starts at 9:30am at  Kassiopi harbour and the time limit is , 5 hours.

In-between Point for Time Disqualification

There will also be a check point at  Saint Stefanos at the 11th km, the time limit is 3 hours before disqualification. This has been set for the safety of the athletes but also for the smooth running of the event. Athletes that do not manage to go by the check point within the set time limit, are disqualified and they continue the race at their own risk.

Cost of Participation

Participation fee : 19Km – €15,

The fees are payable to the bank account below:

IBAN: GR5301711730006173139316766

What is included

The participation fee includes:

  • Running T-shirt, Salomon
  • Buff
  • Bib number
  • Chip timing
  • 3 Food stations
  • Entrance to Pasta Party ( night before race)
  • Buffet after race
  • Medal
  • Awards/Prizes for the winners
Picking up of Participation Number

Bib numbers will be given out on Friday April 12- 19:00-21:00 in the evening Corfu town (Neo Frourio Square, NAΣKE entrance) and on Saturday night 13th of April from 7:30 to 8:30 at the harbour of Kassiopi. Registration for the race will be open online until 7th of April.

Distinctions & Trophies

General Race

The first 3 winners of the General Men’s – Women’s


Men’s: 18-39, 40-55, 56+

Women’s: 18-39, 40+


Last Year Winners
2:16:06 Time
2018 Year
2:17:50 Time
2018 Year
2:16:06 Time
2018 Year

Trail Connect

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