07 Nov, 2019

kassiosdias2020 trailrun
19.9220oE 39.7890oN
07 Nov, 2019

10th Kassios DiasTrail Run Race

Sunday 10th of May 2020
Kassiopi – Corfu
500+ Athletes from Greece & Abroad

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Welcome to the website of the Kassios Dias Race

KASSIOSDIAS is an amateur sports group with a love for sports and a social profile aiming to increase awareness in youth, encourage volunteering and through our work protect and promote the virgin natural wealth of the region. Having found a home and support at the Cultural Association of Kassiopi, we managed through the years to create a race of high standards, competitive, with top athletes from Greece and abroad, and in combination with our professional-level organisation, our race deservingly stands among the best in mountain running.

A distinctive characteristic of the race is that part of it runs along the coastline, through the incredibly beautiful and environmentally important ecosystem of Erimitis, a Natura area of unfathomable natural beauty, without the race losing its mountain character, thanks to the terrain. The thick vegetation, the beautiful beaches and the three small lakes compose a unique landscape, one of the very few that have remained untouched and retain their natural beauty intact.

2019 Winners (35km)
Dimitris Theodorakakos SALOMON HELLAS
3:12:17 Time
2019 Year
3:08:15 Time
2019 Year
3:39:36 Time
2019 Year

The start and finish line of the race will be at the harbour of Kassiopi and, besides the Erimitis region, the route brings to focus all the traditional neighbourhoods and settlements of the region (Moutrouva, Katsafalata, Kremmythas, Tritsi, Agnitsini, Saint Stefanos, Votana) through hidden paths that according to historians they were used by the locals during the period the Ionian Sea was plagued by pirates and the villages moved inland to safer, mountainous areas not visible from the sea. Another part of the race will go through the Kassiopi Castle, an important 12th century monument, testimony to the glorious past of the city.

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The Kassios Dias Race would not have been possible without volunteers!

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